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Schedule for Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2018

Activities Apr-18 Time Location
1. Press Conference  Pee Mai Muang Chiang Mai (Songkran) Festival 2018 1-Apr 18.00 Three Kings Munument
2. Bathing Rite  of  Setangkhamanee Buddha Image and  Folk Art  Performance 1-3 April 09.00-23.00 Chiang Man Temple
3. Poy  Sang Long (Tai Novice Ordinance Ceremony) 4-6 April 09.00-22.00 Pa Pao Temple
4. Bathing Rite of  Phra Sapphanyu  Chao   Detmuang  7-9 April 09.00-22.00  Chiang Yuen Temple
5. Tracing Pee Mai Muang Tradition, Bath  Rite  for Buddha Image,  Making of Lanna Flags 7-16 April 06.00-20.00 Lok Mo Lee Temple
6. Sand Pile Building, Buddha Image Bathing Ritual , New  Blessing Rite Local   Folk Arts  Performances 10-15 April 08.00-21.00 Jed Lin Temple
7.Celebration ceremony of Phra Singha  Buddha Image, Kad Mua (local market),    Thai Folk Singing Contest, Local Arts and Cultural Performances 11-15 April 08.00-24.00 Phra Sing Temple
8. Worshipping Ceremony for Three Kings Monument and   Worshipping Phraya Meng Rai 11-12 April All  day Three Kings Munument
9. Bathing Rite  of  Jom Sri  Puri Nam Nang Rua and Saluation  Ceremony to   San Swae Buddha Image 11-16 April 09.00-22.00 Yang Kuang Temple
10. Alms-Giving Ceremony in the Celebration of 722nd  Anniversary of   the establishment of the Chiang Mai City 12-Apr 06.00-08.00 Three Kings Munument
11.  Salutation and Worship Ceremony to the Head of Kabillaphrom   (God of Songkran) 12-Apr 10.09-11.39 Chiang Mai Municipality
12. Bathing Rite for Buddha's Relic 12-15 April 09.00-22.00 Pan On Temple
13. Alms-Giving Ceremony for Pee Mai Muang  (Songkran)  Festival 2018 13-Apr 06.00-08.00 Tha Pae Gate
14. Opening Ceremony  for  Pee Mai Muang  (Songkran)  Festival 2018 13-Apr 08.09-08.39 Tha Pae Gate
15. Invitation Rite for the transportation of Phra Buddha Sihing 13-Apr 09.09-09.39 Phra Sing Temple
16.  Cycling Parade of the women ride bicycles hold unbrella 13-Apr 07.00-12.00 Tha Pae Gate
17.  Lanna cultural open space 13-Apr 07.00-11.30 Tha Pae Gate
        - Lanna Tribute Contest
        - Activity for cultural area-food culture, local desserts,  knowledge center,     local wisdom, Cultural Art& Performance 13-15 April 10.00-22.00
18. Invitation Rite of Phra Buddha Sihing,Important Buddha Images Procession 13-Apr 13.30-18.00 Sanpakhoi intersection-
19. Miss & Mister Songkran Contest 13-14 April 19.00-24.00 Tha Pae Gate
20. Songkran Kids Contest 15-Apr 19.00-23.00 Tha Pae Gate
21. Anti-Alcohol Activities by Health Promotion Foundation 13-15 April 09.00-18.00 Town  area
22. The Worship Ceremony for Lord Buddha's Relic,Bathing Rite for     Phra Sirimangalajarn,and Sand Pile Building  Ceremony 13-16 April 09.00-22.00 Buddhasatharn (Buddhists' Society)
23. Procession of Holy Bodhi Tree Supportive Wood and Sand Offerings to  Temple 14-Apr 13.30-17.00 Iron Bridge-Temples
24. Procession for  the Salutation Ornaments for the Governor of Chiang Mai 15-Apr 13.30-18.00 Klangwieng intersection

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